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We end legal chaos in your smaller IT company and help you to become more professional. With our simple solutions you can show the big ones how to do it right. And growth will also be easier for you.

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We specialize in providing small and medium size IT companies, i.e., SMEs in particular, with tailored advisory services in German IT law. If your IT enterprise is or intends to become active on the German market, we can assist you promptly and comprehensively with your recurring and unique legal issues. Below is a selection of the situations in which we can make your work life easier:

Who are you?

Providers of B2B-Software

Your software is indispensable for companies. You offer your customers unique software products – and are an insider tip for companies to position themselves in the best possible way. Now you want to be legally very well positioned.

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For your customers you are the creative minds. Your individual software, websites and mobile apps are the hit for other companies. Now you want to legally secure your creative processes and results.

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Providers of Online Services (B2B and B2C)

Your online services for consumers and entrepreneurs are unbeatable. Maybe you are the underdog next to Facebook, but for your customers you are at least as valuable. You don’t want to disappoint their trust and are now also in a good legal position.

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Resellers, Distrubutors, System Houses

No one can hold a candle to you in the procurement and introduction of software. You are a partner of larger software providers and have the know-how to procure these products and use them ideally.  Now it should look good with you also legally.

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Providers of Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are exactly your thing. “Mobile First” is your motto: You do not distribute your software directly, but via App Stores. Now you finally want to move elegantly through this legally swampy terrain.

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Hosters and Computer Center Operators

Webspace and computing power are your mission. Thanks to you, websites, servers and online services are available around the clock. But that’s not enough for you: you want to be legally sound for your customers.

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You are an IT specialist – and that yourself and constantly! You are the master in your field – a one-man army! Whether as a consultant, a developer or anywhere else in the IT sector – you want to be able to assert yourself legally against the “big ones”.

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Our Services

We offer clear, comprehensible and prompt solutions to your legal matters without involving you in unduly drawn-out advisory relationships. We have also worked on the in-house client side, and we understand this all too well. This sensitivity enables us to provide you with agreeable, professional and efficient cooperation.


We understand and enjoy technology. Moreover, we know what it means to man the front lines and bear responsibility for a (small) company’s legal future – prerequisites for understanding each other well.


We have an insider’s knowledge of both big law firms and large IT companies. We know and understand what the giants do to keep their IT and legal operations in compliance and under their control. Bringing this know-how to bear in crafting tailored solutions to your specific matter is an essential part of our legal advisory.


We speak with you as our trusted client: Clearly, comprehensively and in friendly and courteous terms. We prefer implementing concrete proposals over perpetuating an endless advisory waltz.


We heed your feedback and new ideas and aim to continuously improve ourselves and our firm. This affects not only what and how we deliver our services and how we use IT and execute your mandate, but also how we structure our cost-effective pricing.

About us

Unique is a fitting description to our approach to solving our client`s legal matters. We are different than other firms indeed. We offer new approaches characterized by the following.


We enjoy developing and building our services with the learned forethought of the engineers we represent. In addition to skilled attorneys, we see ourselves as both “programmers” and “engineers”.


It is our constant aim to use all possible means from our concrete advisory to the administration of your mandate in making your work life as stress-free as possible. Regardless of the interaction, we treat you with the respect and esteem that we expect unto ourselves.


We understand the proper and measured use of legal force. It is our practice to provide legal advisory services that help you achieve your IT objectives: Our work – structured, tempered, concise and to the point.


We do not shy from breaking new ground in our effort to continuously improve our advisory services. This includes the courage to analyze and learn from the past. We heed and welcome your feedback.


It is our belief that our clients should maintain the reins over our representation as we seek to maximize our counsel and their commercial objectives. Our advocacy is a testament to this – zealous day-in and day-out.

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