Your Concern

Your company grows and succeeds. They offer first-class products and perform great. Marketing and sales function brilliantly. Your organization is also well positioned internally. But legally you’re treading water? We can help. But how?

We create insight and help your company to become more legally professional. For example, you can secure good contracts, protection from competitors and the trust of your customers. Which plan we work out together depends of course on your company and your goals.

Who are you?

No matter what you do - we understand where the shoe pinches you.

Ob Systemhaus oder Agentur – rechtlichen Schutz braucht jeder. Die Möglichkeiten dazu stehen jedem offen, denn auch Microsoft und Co. kochen nur mit Wasser. Wir helfen Ihnen, dass Sie es rechtlich auch mit den „Großen“ aufnehmen können – egal, wie groß Ihr Unternehmen ist und was sie anbieten.

Provider of B2B-Software

Your software is indispensable for companies. You offer your customers unique software products - and are the insider tip for companies to position themselves in the best possible way. Your customers have high expectations - not only with regard to your products, but also with regard to you as a business partner. That is why you now want to be in a very good legal position.


For your customers you are the creative heads. Your individual software, websites and mobile apps are the hit for other companies. Your creative creative process gives other companies the perfect software or the right peep on the Internet. Now you want to legally secure your business, your creative processes and your results.

Provider of Online Services (B2B and B2C)

Your online services for consumers and entrepreneurs are unbeatable. Maybe you are the underdog next to Facebook, but for your customers you are at least as valuable. No matter whether your offer is aimed at companies or private individuals - your customers appreciate your reliability and trust your product. You don't want to disappoint this trust and now look good in legal terms as well.

Resellers, Distrubutors, System Houses

No one can hold a candle to you in the procurement and introduction of software. You are a partner of larger software providers and have the know-how to procure these products and use them ideally. For your customers, you are indispensable to acquire the latest innovations and get them running. Your customers rely on your impeccable products and on you as a professional service provider. In addition it should look now also legally good with you.

Providers of Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are exactly your thing. "Mobile First" is your motto: You do not sell your software directly, but via App Stores. But no matter whether they develop exciting games or very special gadgets - App Store, Google Play and Co. are not always easy to understand from a legal point of view. Now you finally want to move elegantly through this legally swampy terrain.

Hosters and Computer Center Operators

Webspace and computing power are your mission. Thanks to you, websites, servers and online services are available around the clock. Many exciting projects are only made possible by your services. Your customers trust that your web space and your computing power will function technically flawlessly. But that is not enough for you: You want to be legally sound for your customers.


You are an IT specialist - and that yourself and constantly! You are the master in your field - a one-man army! Your consultations, products or other services may not yet be world famous, but no one in your field can compete with you. But no matter whether as a consultant, as a developer or anywhere else in the IT sector - you also want to be able to keep up with the "big ones" legally.

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