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We understand the documents that give you concern. They are sometimes unduly long and difficult to comprehend. IT contracts, service descriptions, Terms, SLAs, and EULAs, not to mention the details of court decisions, legislation, technical papers must be understood and presented by trained advisory. In law and IT, in particular, the devil is often in the details, as every word and notation carries meaning. With this in mind we carry your interests in court, if no amicable solution can be found.

We hope we have illustrated the situations where we are the right partner for you. But what then and what exactly will do for you? How much will this cost? And why are you making the right choice by contacting us? Please scroll down to find out.

We are offering

It is clear that by contacting us, you have a specific concern – likely one or many that have been illustrated here. We propose concrete solutions to your problems and guide you to move from a better position than before.

Who are you?

Provider of B2B-Software


Provider of Online Services (B2B and B2C)

Reseller and distrubutors

Hosters and Computer Center Operators

Our Qualities

Good lawyers have an eye for things that you do not see. They know things that you do not. They do things for you that you cannot perform yourself. Therefore, our clients trust comp / lex.

We provide important value-added: We do everything to ensure our cooperation is enjoyable and as easy as possible. This includes the following:

Versed in Technology

We understand and enjoy technology. Moreover, we know what it means to man t­­­he front lines and bear responsibility for a (small) company’s legal future - prerequisites for understanding each other well.

Big for Little

We have an insider’s knowledge of both biglaw and large IT companies. We know and understand what the giants do to keep their IT operations in compliance and under their control. Bringing this know-how to bear in crafting tailored solutions to your specific matter is an essential part of our legal advisory.

Clear Language

We speak with you as our trusted client: Clearly, comprehensively and in friendly and courteous terms. We prefer implementing concrete proposals over perpetuating an endless advisory waltz.

New Pathways

We heed your feedback and new ideas and aim to continuously improve ourselves and our firm. This affects not only what and how we deliver our services and how we use IT and execute your mandate, but also how we structure our cost-effective pricing.

Our Prices

Quality services can be given for a quality price. We understand that an accurate idea of what our advisory will cost helps create confidence on all sides.

We apply these general ideas in setting prices that work with you:

  • You will pay for what we have clearly agreed only. It will cost you nothing to have your need for advice clarified.
  • We believe that the value of our services has more to do with their quality than the time we put into providing them. Therefore, we pursue other options than expenditure-based compensation (i.e., hourly and daily rates).
  • We customarily arrange single sum or ongoing fixed rates that are oriented on the value of our services to you. We prefer to litigate based of the discrete amount in dispute. We only bill based on expenditure, if you prefer or another means is not available.
  • If it is convenient to you, we try to standardize and automate our services to meet your needs. This is reflected in the prices we offer.

Other Services

As you see, IT lawyers can do a lot – and some even more. This website describes the scenarios re which we are most frequently contacted. If you believe other services could better assist you, please contact us. We enjoy finding solutions to any situation, in which our expertise can assist you.

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