Our Firm

We know how important our services can be for you and your business. We also understand that seeking and getting legal advice is not what you like to do with your time. Often the reason is contentious, or the legal advice you receive is difficult to understand, cumbersome to implement and expensive, thereby making the result not even worth your while.

We therefore see ourselves as leading a new generation of lawyers and law firms. We are pragmatic, agile, creative and digital. Our mission is to make seeking and receiving legal advice a smooth and agreeable experience. We apply not only our technical expertise and experience, but also business oriented common sense and circumspect empathy. We listen so that we may apply inspiration from clever and creative minds and modern enterprises throughout various industries. This of course includes you, our clients.

Our world is constantly evolving and IT companies have taken on an important role in this evolution. Many of these global role models create and constantly improve new products, business models and processes, in manners applicable across industries. They successfully adopt new approaches to retaining customers and satisfying employees. One finds these traits in not only the large IT corporations, but also the small giants and hidden champions. We study these enterprises in developing innovative approaches to our client`s unique legal scenarios.

How we roll

We are different from other law firms. Here is why. Our firm has the following personality:

Engineering Spirit

We like when ideas develop and build. We hence view ourselves as developers and engineers simultaneously.

This means:
  • We originate IT and online projects and thus know the drawbacks and fulfillment found in seeing to their realization.
  • We see our services as products whose high quality is continually being improved.
  • Our vision is circumspect and locates parallels between IT and legal advisory in toto. We constantly use IT innovations to your distinct advantage.
  • Not only do we read the traditional legal press, but also a variety of IT, economic and scene publications.


Our goal is to make your work life as easy as possible – from implementing your mandate to our specific legal advisory services. We treat you with the respect and conscientious service which we all deserve.

This means:
  • We speak and write as you do. We speak plain legal German and English.
  • You always know exactly what, when and why you and we have to act, simply put.
  • We give our position clearly and explain and schedule next steps.
  • And insofar as possible we avoid tiresome formalities.
  • We are promptly there for you as need arises.
  • We command the proactive devices necessary for you to continue your work without having to take care of a thing.
  • Documents and work results are always digitally available upon request.
  • We use clear and clean document templates that stimulate processing.
  • We offer technical solutions to help you work with us as well as others.


We understand the proper and measured use of legal force. It is our daily practice to provide practical legal advisory that helps you achieve your IT objectives: Our work - structured, tempered, concise and to the point.

This means:
  • Our answers, drafts and letters are fact-based and concise.
  • We work in the same manner when resolving conflicts.
  • Working efficiently together is key.
  • We are modest actors and enjoy working in the wings.
  • We do not flaunt lavish offices nor wasteful accoutrement.


We do not shy from breaking new ground in our effort to continuously improve our advisory services. This includes the courage to analyze and learn from the past.

This means:
  • We left careers in big law firms and corporations so as to offer legal advice as we believe it should be.
  • We stand behind our word and deed and refrain from the sometimes endless A-covering declaimers found in the work of competitors.
  • We are almost always able to extend options other than hourly billing, and are ready to assume the risks necessary to ensure successful representation.
  • We have eliminated paper files while ensuring data security, retention and confidentiality.
  • We employ virtual assistants and staff that assist us over secure, robust data systems.


It is our belief that our clients should maintain the reins over our representation as we seek to maximize our counsel and their commercial objectives. Our advocacy is a testament to this – zealous day-in and day-out.

This means:
  • You pay us only based on what we have clearly agreed together.
  • We heed and discuss comments and critique.
  • We are state of the art technically and employ best practices.

Who we are

Dr. Jochen Notholt

German-qualified Attorney (“Rechtsanwalt”), firm founder

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by computers and technology. I learned to type on my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81 with keypad and 1 KB of RAM. I received a great computer science education which still excites me and enhances my work today. What I lacked in programming skills, I made up with imagination and language.

After graduation, I moved from computer science to the study of Law. I soon discovered that law is a great field for mental all-rounders who like me enjoy intellectual challenges. The Internet was just starting to grow as I started my law studies. So I developed an online learning platform which gave me insight into understanding how and why projects can fail or succeed. This project brought terrific contacts, for which I am always grateful, as well as my doctorate thesis on "Online Learning for Lawyers". Parallel to my studies and thesis, I continued my training in IT and IP law.

I then became an IT lawyer. And the similarities to computer science were replete. IT contracts resemble computer logic in fascinating respects. And to my great pleasure, contacts are composed in natural language.

My interest in IT also flavors my life away from the office. If it weren`t for some nifty technological gadgets, I would never have time to pursue my creative passion of cooking, yet I definitely enjoy a good meal out. I am active athlete, whether it be playing squash, golf, working out or passionately rooting on my club Werder Bremen. I am blessed by my family, friends and the other wonderful people that I am fortunate to have in my life. I enjoy time alone and read and hear all sorts of literature and music. I am grateful to draw strength and new ideas from the world.

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Virtual assistance

You will not find an elaborate reception, nor a boastful foyer in our office. To maximize our representation, we use excellent, virtual and on demand assistants over secured networks, who we know personally and are bound to the strictest of confidentiality.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding the strategy underlying our use of virtual assistance. Such considerations might just benefit your enterprise as well.

Partner Firms and Service Providers

As a small, niche commercial firm, we recognize that we cannot always assist you directly. However, we command a network of law firms and service providers to whom we can refer you or bring aboard as the situation requires.

We refer only firms and service providers who we know and trust personally, as their firm personality and practice aligns with ours.

We are always available to field your questions about our network or bringing your firm or company aboard as a trusted service provider.

Dr Jochen Notholt Network

Work with us

We are small yet agile and positioned to grow with you. For this, we need great employees and we believe that great employees need an appropriate, enriching workplace.

We believe a great workplace envisions:

  • Space for development of professional and private personality. We discuss your goals with you regularly and follow a plan together to achieve them.
  • You can work when and where you want. Our employees may work entirely remotely and organize their work and schedules as they wish.
  • We are technically state of the art and always open to adjustments and improvements.
  • Employees are treated with respect in a relaxed and informal, yet serious, work environment.

If you share this vision and are interested in working with us, contact us straightaway. Whether you are lawyer-trainee just leaving law school, already have professional experience under your belt, or believe that you could otherwise assist our firm, we would appreciate hearing from you. Getting to know each other is key. If we fit, we will place you in our confidential candidate list. This list is our first glance resource as need arises. We post job adverts only as our candidate list requires.

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